What ##0;wh/mi##1; Means

I#17;m sure you#17;ve seen the phrase ##0;wh/mi##1; being thrown around on various electric car forums or in articles written about electric vehicles. White House missing? Wheels to miles? No, ##0;wh/mi##1; actually stands for ##0;watt hours per mile.##1; Put more succinctly,...[Read More]

5 Best Electric Bikes for the Money

Electric bikes have made monumental gains in popularity in recent years, as we noted here. An electric bike can be defined as a bicycle that gives the rider the option of using an integrated electric motor to assist with propulsion. All electric bikes must come with pedals, otherwise they can be cla...[Read More]

How to Program HomeLink Without a Remote

In May of this year, Tesla infuriated some when they decided to discontinue HomeLink for all new standard Model 3s. The feature is still available as an option for around $300. In an internal memo to sales staff, Tesla management stated the following: ##0;Starting today, HomeLink will be removed ...[Read More]

Tesla Battery Replacement Cost: How Much

In previous articles, we#17;ve mentioned that anxiety relating to all-electric vehicle (EV) battery replacement is a real phenomenon. Among EV owners and potential owners, this worry is second only to concerns about range. Many people seem to be apprehensive about pulling the trigger on an EV bec...[Read More]

XPEL Ultimate Wrap Cost For My Tesla

We discussed several options for protecting your Tesla last week. There are benefits to coating your car in ceramic as well as the more expensive ceramic wrapping. If you#17;ve decided to pull the trigger on the more expensive option, here#17;s what you can expect when it comes to XPEL Ultimat...[Read More]

How to Reboot Your Tesla Model 3

Are you interested in learning how to reboot your Tesla Model 3? First, let me tell you a little story#30; I had to call tech support from my office the other day. Our conversation went something like this: Tech Guy: ##0;Good morning, this is tech support. How can I help you?##1; Me: ##0...[Read More]

7 Must Have Tesla Model 3 Accessories

With the growing popularity of Tesla#17;s Model 3 sedan, a growing number of accessories have hit the market. I took to Twitter to ask owners which Model 3 accessories are on their ##0;must have##1; list. The responses did not disappoint. 1. Center Console Wrap.?Due to the standard piano bl...[Read More]

Where is the 1# Volt Battery in a Tesla and How Do I Replace It?

We discussed the different types of batteries found in all-electric vehicles (EVs) here and here. We discovered that? all EVs have two batteries: a powerful lithium-ion battery that makes the car go, and a smaller 1# volt battery that powers the electrical components in the car. Being a true EV, Tes...[Read More]

Best Tesla Model 3 Floormats

Floormats. Few other topics have been the center of such interest and heated discussion. Who can forget the Great Floormat Dispute of 1789? How about the Floormat Wars in the 15th century that cost so many their lives? Okay, so floormats aren#17;t the most exciting thing to talk about. Still, the...[Read More]

Can You Use Your Tesla as a WiFi Hotspot?

Is there such a thing as a Tesla wifi hotspot? A user going by the name ##0;tmxninja##1; on the Tesla Motors Club forum recently posed the following question: ##0;The browser in Tesla is really slow, and typing is awkward. I am wondering if the car can act a wifi hotspot for my smartphone s...[Read More]

5 Tesla Model S Accessories You Should Consider

We brought you this list of outstanding accessories for your Tesla Model X last week. While I may be a bit partial to the Model X, I don#17;t want any Model S owners to feel left out. Our team of researchers spent weeks combing the jungles of to bring you this collection of Model S acc...[Read More]

Mercedes Stops Internal Combustion Development, Fully Commits to EVs

That headline? It isn#17;t clickbait#11; and it isn#17;t some hyped up version of a watered-down commitment to ##0;electrification##1;, either. Mercedes-Benz, the oldest car company in the world and makers of some of the most powerful internal combustion engines to ever see production...[Read More]

Tesla Parts for Sale: Finding the Best Sources

We discussed the joys and pitfalls of buying a salvage Tesla last week. One takeaway from this article was that it is of the utmost importance to have a good mechanic that is knowledgeable and has worked on multiple Tesla projects. If you#17;ve made the decision to stray from official channels an...[Read More]

Model 3 Tire Pressure Recommendations

Inflating or deflating your car#17;s tires to the correct pressure has many benefits. Safety considerations aside, properly inflated tires can also save you money on gas and costly repairs. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA): ##0;Low tire pressures affect braking distances ...[Read More]

Amazon Commits to Renewable Energy, Orders 100,000 Rivian Electric Vans

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos put his company firmly on the path towards ecological responsibility by announcing plans to co-found ##0;The Climate Pledge##1;, which calls on its signatories to achieve zero carbon across their business ventures by #040. For those of you paying attention, that#17...[Read More]